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This water treatment blogs page is designed to share knowledge with our customers, educating them about the environmental challenges, contaminants, and ways to treat their water. 

We are Serving customers in the USA, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, and KSA, given the responsibility to regularly post blogs about residential and commercial water treatment to educate the public about different water treatment topics and their importance to protecting the environment and public health. 

You can learn more about the environment, water quality, wellness, healthy practices, the latest news, Water safety, drinking water, and other issues.

Drinking tap water in Orlando
Drinking Water
Mark Mansour

Can you drink the tap water in Orlando?

Florida has become a popular destination for many people who work remotely to relocate and live, and the first question they usually ask is, “Can I drink Florida tap water?”

treat your seawater using reverse osmosis and solar systems for remote hotels and resorts
Water Quality
Mark Mansour

Why drinking water is so important for health

National primary drinking-water regulations set 90 parameters to be considered as contaminants for water.

Water will require a certain treatment to bring the contaminant within the allowable limit

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