Commercial services

Commercial Water Treatment Services

Water treatment services from an industry leader

World-Class Water treatment services

We work to world-class service, operating and maintaining water and wastewater treatment plants.

Providing technical support and consultancy services to our customers.

Designing, building, optimizing, testing, commissioning, operating, and maintaining the water treatment equipment covering a wide range of products.

Starting from standard filtration systems, water softeners, dosing systems, Reverse Osmosis, sewage treatment plants, and gray water systems.

Unmatched Support

Having our water treatment team available 24/7 to provide our customers with unmatched technical support and after sale-services makes our company the best choice.

SMART WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY(SWTT), owing a comprehensive range of resources and partners, enables its clients to choose the optimum solution for their water and wastewater treatment plants.

Commercial Services provided

Design and build

We provide design and build water and wastewater treatment plant that matches your requirement.

Sewage Treatment plants

Greywater System

Industrial wastewater

Technical services

Our team located in different countries is ready to provide any of the following services. 

Consultancy and advisory services

Troubleshooting and repairs

Testing and commissioning

Installation services

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