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Treatment System for Private well water

While city water might be from surface or groundwater, it passes through many treatment processes before it reaches you, Unlike well water which you get directly from an underground aquifer and utilize directly in your home.

There are many contaminants that can be found in your well water.  The contaminant level varies depending on the well casing design, construction, material, plumbing work, location, depth, quality of natural water, etc.

The well water you have might be quite different from your neighborhood water.  We do not recommend buying a well system without testing your water first to get a system tailored to treat your water, to guarantee your water quality.

1-Call us to schedule your Water test

Each private well has its own quality, hence you need to get your water tested at the certified lab or contact your local Department of Health to arrange to test your water. 

At Smart Water Treatment technology we can assist you carrying out free basic water testing and can guide your for the rest of the process

2- Learn more about possible concerns

Once you have the test result ready or when our team do water testing for you they will arrange a water consultation explaining the results and the options to treat them.

Hereunder the most common problems in well water and related systems to treat them 


Bacteria, viruses, and parasites may be present due to water runoff from rainfall or leakage from nearby septic tanks.

Ultra Violet

Ultraviolet for bacteria removal from penguin water

Chlorine Injection System

chlorine injection

Nitrate and nitrite

Can be found from fertilizers, animal waste due to groundwater movement, and surface water seepage.

Dissolved solids

Natural dissolved solids depend on the aquifer the water is withdrawn.

Reverse Osmosis unit

Reverse Osmosis 5 stages - 75 gallon per day

Suspended solids

The presence of silt, rust, dust, depends on how the well is designed and constructed.

Sand or Sediment filter

cartridge filter

Iron, Suffer, and manganese

Natural Water content, household plumbing, service lines, well casing, pumps, and valves.

Iron or sulfur block

sulfur block


Nature of soil in Florida mainly contains calcium and magnesium, which makes the water hard.

Water Softener

Water softener
Ion Exchange water softener
Penguin Iron and sulfur filter
Salt Free Water softener alternative

3-Schedule a consultation, meet with our specialist

Our Water Treatment specialist will explain the potential risk and the best way to get quality drinking water all over your house.

free water technical consultation

4-Shoose which system you want

Under no pressure at all. you will get several options to treat your water and you can choose between different variety the best system that meets your budget and your requirement .

Well Water Treatment equipment

chlorine injection

Chlorine Injector

Chlorine injector to disinfect the water and remove bacteria

salt free water softener alternative

Water conditioner

Physical treatment of calcium and magnesium

Carbon filter

Removes any odor or chemical contaminant

whole house carbon filter

Reverse Osmosis

Reduces the dissolved solids and minerals 

Reverse Osmosis-5 stages 75 gallon per day
Water softeners

Water softener

Ion exchanger -softens the water , removes the calcium and magnesium and replaces them with sodium ions

cartridge filter

Sediment filter

Chlorine injector to disinfect the water and remove bacteria

Iron and sulfur block

Reduces the iron and sulfur content in well water

salt free water conditioner

UV system

Ultra Violet light disinfects the water and remove bacteria

UV system

Sample of a typical well water treatment system

Call us before you purchase a new system, our team will be glad to assist you 

typical well water system

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