Water and wastewater treatment in Gulf

Industrial and commercial Water & Wastewater Treatment

Smart Water Treatment Technology offers premium water treatment solutions for its customers. SWWTT provides innovative solutions and develops systems to reuse water and treat high-quality drinking water in residential and commercial sectors. 

We offer diverse options that will help you find the perfect water solution according to your needs.

Residential Water Treatment

Orlando-based Treatment Company, Smart Water & Wastewater Treatment Technology group, offers premium water solutions that suit the need of every home. Bringing you high-quality drinking water and offering a wide range of water filtration and water softeners.

Commercial Water Treatment

Smart Water Treatment Technology is an engineering company that operates actively in Bahrain, the Middle East, and Gulf region. Our in-house capabilities include designing, fabricating, installing, testing, operating, and maintaining water treatment solutions, which gives us an advantage over other resellers. We offer a diverse range of options that can help you choose the perfect water solution that meets your budget requirements.

Affordable Commercial Water Treatment Services

Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

reverse osmsis optimized and powered using solar energy

Reverse Osmosis is the most common desalination technology.

We design units to provide drinking water quality from seawater, well water and recycle water.

Wastewater Treatment

smart water treatment technology staff maintain sewage treatment plant

Wastewater treatment is one of the important facilities used to protect the environment.

Plants are designed to treat the wastewater and convert it into good quality treated water that customers can reuse for many applications.

Filtration Water Treatment

smart water treatment technology staff maintain reverse osmosis

Using a conventional filtration system or the most advanced ultrafiltration technology helps our customers to eliminate turbidity and the suspended solids.

Reuse of the water not only saves your money but also reduces the harmful discharges.

Water Treatment Customers

The Smart Water Treatment Technology Group provides water treatment services in the United States of America Kingdom of Bahrain the, State of Qatar, Kuwait, UE, KSA, Iraq, and Egypt 


Sewage treatment plants. Pumping stations. Industrial wastewater. Asset Management. Infrastructure Management.

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