Whole House Salt-Free System

Whole-house salt-Free system for Central Florida Residence

People using city water in Central Florida may need a whole house salt-free system for the following reasons:

  • City water often contains hard water minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, that can cause scale buildup, reduce soap lather, and damage appliances and pipes1.
  • City water may also contain contaminants, such as chlorine, chloramine, iron, sediment, and bacteria, that can affect the taste, odor, color, and safety of the water.
  • A whole house salt free system can effectively prevent scale formation and prolong the lifespan of pipes and appliances without using harsh chemicals or salt
  • A whole house salt free system can also filter out the contaminants and improve the water quality for drinking and household use.
  • A whole house salt free system can save money and energy by reducing water waste, maintenance costs, and salt consumption compared to traditional water softeners.

With Salt-Free Whole House filtration you can get 5 Savings

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Whole House Filtration ( Salt-Free Water Conditioning )

Investing in a high-quality home filtration system provides more than clean drinking water. Our superior salt-free whole-house filtration systems remove harmful substances such as contaminants, chemicals, and mineral deposits.


The alternative to salt-based water softeners is a maintenance-free system that effectively eliminates the negative effects of hard water. It is a salt-free solution that has been proven to be 99.6% effective in preventing scale buildup. Our water filtration systems are eco-friendly, as they do not produce any waste, utilize no electricity or salt bags, and do not release any harmful substances into the environment.

Advantages of salt-free systems

The whole house system comprises of 3 stage filtration.

Stage 1

Sediment Filter:

Captures particles as small as 5 microns including sediment, sand, rust, dust, and silt.

Customers can install it in either a pre or post-position.

Stage 2

Carbon Filter:

 Our filters are available in various media, including GAC, catalytic carbon, and calcite, allowing you to choose the best option for your specific water quality issues.

Stage 3

Salt-Free Conditioner:

We manipulate water’s mineral content to prevent hard water stains and scale build-up, leaving you with clean, conditioned water for all your household needs.

  • Is there any maintenance required for the soft-free water softener alternative?

    There is no maintenance required since there is no moving parts

  • I feed the chlorine smell in my coffee and water will the whole house change it ?

    Absolutely, thanks to the high-quality carbon filter 

  • What will happen if power failed?

    Nothing will happen as there is no electrical connection.

  • How frequent i should change the sediment filter ?

    The duration of time between 8 to 12 months is generally recommended for replacing your water filter cartridge. However, it may vary depending on the quality of water you receive.

  • What equipment can be added for total protection ?

    We recommend using a UV system for continuous disinfection in addition to an under-sink Reverse Osmosis system.

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Penguin Salt free whole house filtration combo

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Salt-free whole house filter from Halo Water

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