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Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter

Smart Aqua-Tawa's innovative solution utilizes its automatic self-cleaning filters to replace the traditional media filters.

Most of the traditional Reverse Osmosis systems use multimedia filtration. The main purpose is to reduce the suspended solids, SDI, and turbidity. 

Traditional filters are also used in sewage treatment plants as polishing to remove the excess suspended solids. 

With the automatic self-cleaning filter, you can save huge costs for the plant capital and operational costs.

self cleaning filter

Advantages of automatic self-cleaning filters.

Using the self-cleaning filter has many advantages compared to using traditional filters in many applications.

Capital Cost

Being smaller will save a considerable cost of the civil foundation and lifting cranes required for the multimedia sand filter, in addition to the small space I will need.

Operational Cost

The self-cleaning technology eliminates the need to have separate backwash pumps, which reduces electricity and wastewater cost. In addition to that, it eliminates production downtime as there will not be any requirement for the shutdown. 

No manual lifting

Compact design

Operation friendly

Low capital cost

Reduced energy cost

Main components of Self-cleaning filters

Self cleaning filter description
Automatic Self cleaning filter
self cleaning filter

Self Cleaning filter

Large building space is always required for the multimedia filter . Now you do not need to worry. With the compact design of self-cleaning filters, you will save huge room space.
water filtration

Media filter

Media filters are traditionally used to remove the suspended solids and improve the SDI. Which is important to protect the membrane .In order to achieve proper filtration, you will need to maintain the filtration rate and filter surface area. Smart Aqua Tawa recommends using ZeoMedia to reduce the space and improve the filtration rate.

Our engineering team will be glad to assist you in the design and selection of the appropriate units.

SAT Self-cleaning filters are available near you. Our team in the middle east (the Gulf region Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Saudi, and Egypt). Through what the Smart Aqua Tawa team offers you, outstanding customer service and after-sales support.

Reverse Osmosis 

Self-cleaning filter is used as a pretreatment to reduce the SDI and protect your membrane.

Industrial Wastewater

The system used post-treatment to remove suspended solids.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Customers can use the self-cleaning filter to improve the final treated sewage effluent (TSE). As a result, it reduces the suspended solids.

Irrigation Water 

Protects your sprinklers, hoses, valves from blockage due to accumulated suspended solids.

Aquarium and Fish Farms

Protects your aquarium by removing the silts and dust from entering the system.

Cooling Tower 

It prevents any solids from recycling to the cooling tower network.

Recently installed self-cleaning filter

Smart Aqua Tawa -Automatic self-cleaning filters are designed to replace the large multimedia filter. Therefore it saves huge capital cost during the design and construction phases and the operational cost during operation and maintenance.  This is also beneficial for the operation team. Additionally, One of the main advantages of using Smart Aqua Tawa self-cleaning filters is to avoid the frequent shutdown to carry out filter backwash. Saving on the cost of backwash pump operation and loss of the product during the shutdown lowers power consumption.

Stainless steel 316 and 2205 duplex stainless steel

From 10 micron to 500 micron

From 10 m3/hr up to 2,000 m3/hr 

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