Solar Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis powered by solar energy

Solay system-powered reverse osmosis units

Solution For Remote Area

The Smart Water Treatment Technology group offers reverse osmosis units and sewage treatment plants powered by solar energy. Such design supports the development of remote areas by assisting them in having self-sustained utilities.

One of the innovative solutions to secure drinking water for remote villages, hotels, and villas is to use reverse osmosis systems powered by solar energy. Reverse osmosis is a water treatment process that uses partially permeable membranes to remove dissolved pollutants from raw water. Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power that can run reverse osmosis systems without relying on non-renewable energy. Solar reverse osmosis systems can purify water from any source, including seawater and brackish water. They can also achieve high recovery of freshwater and low energy consumption compared to other desalination methods. Therefore, by using solar reverse osmosis systems, remote villages, hotels, and villas can have access to safe and affordable drinking water that meets quality standards and reduces the environmental impact of desalination

contaminant in drinking water

Don't Wait for Water

Most of the time providing portable water for a residential or commercial property in a remote area requires a large investment and takes a long time to get it ready.

if city power is not available , solar power can help in reverse osmosis

Don't Wait for Power Supply

The city power is part of infrastructure urban planning for remote area, in many cases it takes years before it reaches a remote area. Don`t worry, you don't need to delay your investment and wait for those years.

solar power replaces the noisy generators

Don't Waste Money on Generator and Fuel

Diesel generator is the alternative to city electricity, but you want to consider initial cost, ongoing maintenance cost, and continuous diesel supply.

Save the environment and go Solar

Solar energy is a preferable option to diesel generators for several reasons. To begin with, it is clean, meaning it does not produce harmful emissions or pollutants that damage the environment and human health. In addition, it is silent, unlike diesel generators that create noise pollution and disturb peace. Furthermore, it is renewable, which means it does not depend on finite resources that can run out or fluctuate in price. Finally, it is cost-effective in the long run, as it has lower operating and maintenance costs than diesel generators that require fuel and frequent repairs.

The innovative Aqua Tawa System offers advanced and economical water treatment solutions within every budget. Using solar energy, this system enables enterprises and domestic users to set up sustainable desalination units in a remote locations. Applying solar reverse osmosis technology, this system can purify water from any source, including seawater and brackish water. Therefore, this system provides access to safe and affordable drinking water that meets quality standards and reduces the environmental impact of desalination.

Save Electricity

Save Space

Solar Reverse Osmosis

Save Water

Save manpower

Solar reverse osmosis
Solar reverse osmosis

On-Grid and Off-Grid options are provided

Solar Reverse Osmosis Applications

Solar Reverse Osmosis
Solar Reverse Osmosis
Solar Reverse Osmosis
New Community
Solar Reverse Osmosis
Hotel and Resorts
Solar Reverse Osmosis
Cruise and boats
Solar Reverse Osmosis
Solar Reverse Osmosis
Residence using well water
Solar Reverse Osmosis
Villas in remote area

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