Does Your water have a weird smell?

Here is how you can remove foul odor from water at your home

Everyone wants to drink clean, colorless, and odorless water. Sometimes, we get a bad smell or rotten egg-like odor in our water. Such a smell doesn’t really say that the water is undrinkable, but it certainly is not the purest form you should be using. 

Have you experienced a rotten egg-like smell in your residential water? Want to get rid of that smell?  If yes, then you just have arrived at the perfect place. Here we are going to share some incredible insights regarding the water odor problem and subsequently, the best applicable water treatment solutions.

First we have to determine the root cause of that bad odor in your Water

In order to fix the rotten egg smell in your home water, you need to find the exact cause of it, then you will be able to determine the appropriate water treatment system to install at your home. Refer to the following points for valuable information for removing smell from water.

Smell with hot water only
If you find only hot water smelling like rotten eggs and the rest of the water supply in your home is fine, then probably the issue is with your water heater. Get in touch with the hot water heater manufacturing or maintenance company and let the professionals resolve the exact problem.
Treated cold water smell
In case you are experiencing a bad smell from treated cold water, then you need to examine the respective water distribution system after passing through which your water is releasing a rotten egg smell. Suppose that water is coming through an old water softener in your home, then there might be Sulfur bacteria build-up. You may be experiencing a bad smell due to that Sulfur bacteria buildup. Cleaning the brine tank first and if still the foul smell persists then consider replacing the softener media. If still there is an unpleasant smell, you need to invest in a new water softener for your home.
Rotten egg smell in one particular sink
If you notice a bitter smell only in one particular sink like the one in the bathroom or the kitchen and nowhere else, then it means you have a problem with the drain and not the water. Accumulated contaminants and foul gas released from it, is the primary reason for the bad smell. Open and clean the drain segment, and put it back into place to make the smell disappear.
If there is a bad smell from all the water everywhere
If the smell is coming from the water everywhere in your home, then it means there is probably an accumulation of sulfur bacteria in your water supply. The best way to get rid of that is by installing an appropriate water treatment system for Iron and Sulfur removal. It will effectively remove those smell-causing contaminants before reaching your taps.
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The best solution

Get the best effective water treatment solutions to remove the rotten egg smell from your water with Smart Water & Wastewater Treatment & Technology. Explore and know more about the huge range of water treatment systems to ensure a clean and safe water supply at your home.