Asset Management

Asset management is an essential tool to protect your investment.

Asset Management Services

Asset management is the cost-effective service for any property, structures, components, material, site, and resource collective sewer infrastructure.

With over 25 years of collective experience in our team, we offer full services. For that reason, we are pleased to offer our customers to manage the assets or provide project management consulting services that cover the full spectrum of Collective Sewer Infrastructure. 

Our team can develop an asset maintenance program that helps our customers increase the assets’ reliability and availability.

Advantages of effective Asset Management

Longer life span


Customer satisfaction

Efficiency gain

Risk Management

Asset reliability

Outline of asset management services

House Connection

Cleaning and inspection.

Construction of new House connection.

Foul Sewer Network

Pipeline Cleaning and inspection

Manhole cleaning and inspection

Sewage Pumping station

Operation and Maintenace of manned and unmanned stations.

Wet well cleaning.

Surface Ground Water network

Pipeline Cleaning and inspection

Gullies and outfall cleaning and inspection

SGW Pumping Station

Operation and maintenance of manned and unmanned stations.

Develop emergency plans

Surface Ground Water Treatment Facility

The operation, preventative maintenance, and corrective maintenance of the treatment plant.

Sewage Treatment Plant

The operation, preventative, corrective maintenance of the sewage treatment plant.

Supply of spares and chemicals

Treated Water Pumping Stations

Operation and maintenance of manned and unmanned stations.

Control network pressure and water quality.

Treated Water Network

Preventative, corrective maintenance of valves, chambers, as well as network operation.

Attend customer complaints

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