Swimming pool solutions

Swimming pool solutions

Get crystal clear water in your swimming pool


Swimming pools treatment

Whether you have your own private pool or pools in hotels and resorts, all of them require basically the same treatment :

  • Filtration for dust and flying objects and insects.
  • Disinfection against bacterial and viruses.
  • Adjustment of water characteristics to maintain the water clarity.
  • Treatment to maintain the blue color and avoid turning to a greenish color. 

Smart  Aqua Tawa provides solutions that help customers maintain a good quality of pool water minimizing the turbidity and suspended solids through different products.

Swimming pool services

Smart Aqua Tawa group has been designing and building many swimming pools and artificial lakes in different areas of the world.

When designing new swimming pools, we always take our clients’ concerns into consideration:

For many years we have designed swimming pools using  traditional media filter; now it is time to provide an innovative solution that solves many of the challenges faced earlier.

Filters for swimming pools
ceramic filter

Inovative solution

Smart Aqua Tawa Developed the new generation of swimming pool solution SAT-SP- series utilizes the advanced technology of Ultra Filtration providing many advantages compared to other filtration systems.

With the ceramic membrane, we can achieve a very high flux that allows us to build the system even in very congested areas. 

Clear as sky

Avoid the repeated complaints

Red eyes
save chemicals
Excess chemical
green color
Green color
chlorine smell
chlorine smell
Turbidity free

Compact design 

Guaranteed turbidity and suspended solids removal 

High flux  

Efficient bacteria and virus  removal 

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