Solar Reverse Osmosis

Solar Reverse Osmosis

Solution For Remote Area

As part of the innovative solutions provided, SAT Solar Reverse Osmosis unit is designed to find a solution for those who want to invest in building villas or resorts in remote areas where power supply and potable water are not available.

Don't Wait for Water

Most of the time providing portable water for a residential or commercial property in a remote area requires a large investment and takes a long time to get it ready.

Don't Wait for Power Supply

The city power is part of infrastructure urban planning for remote area, in many cases it takes years before it reaches a remote area. Don`t worry, you don't need to delay your investment and wait for those years.

Don't Waste Money on Generator and Fuel

Diesel generator is the alternative to city electricity, but you want to consider initial cost, ongoing maintenance cost, and continuous diesel supply.

Save the environment and go Solar

A new-age Solar Reverse Osmosis solution that enables enterprises and domestic users to set up sustainable desalination units in a remote location. 

Smart Aqua Tawa System offers advanced and economical water treatment solutions within every budget.

Save Electricity

Save Space

Solar Reverse Osmosis

Save Water

Save manpower

Solar reverse osmosis
Solar reverse osmosis
On-Grid and Off-Grid options are provided

Solar Reverse Osmosis Applications

New Community
Hotel and Resorts
Cruise and boats
Residence using well water
Villas in remote area

Model selection

NoModel numberTDSCapacity
TDS range

Enter raw water maximum TDS  value in PPM:

03 for 3000 ppm

05 for 5000 ppm 

10 for 10,000 ppm

45 for 45,000 ppm


Enter flow in ( m3/day): 

0010 for  for 10 m3/day

0020 for  for 20 m3/day

0050 for  for 50 m3/day

0100 for  for 100 m3/day

0200 for  for 200 m3/day

0500 for  for 500 m3/day

1000 for  for 1000 m3/day

Solar Reverse Osmosis units available up to 350 m3/day for seawater

Brackish water available up to 1,000 m3/day