Supply chain

Supply Chain

Supply chain partnership

Our objective is to cover our customers need

Smart Water Treatment technology Group believes in “Partnership.” Over the past years, we have established a strong Supply chain of quality suppliers.

That allows us to offer a wider range of products to our customers.

This page is kept to introduce our partner’s products, and you can order in bulk to get the best prices.

Supply Chain partners

Gajanan Engineering Services

Smart water treatment technology group proud to announce the partnership with Gajanan Engineering services.

With their services, you can precast any part or spares you need utilizing the most advanced machines and quality control.

Gajanan has specialized SNC machines and cast valves, pumps, and any special parts of any machines.


October 2020, Smart Water & Wastewater Treatment technology LLC and ZeoMex agreed to join hands, promoting ZeoMedia in the Middle East and the USA.

ZeoMedia is the most cost-effective solution to double the filtration capacity and efficiency of regular silica media used for Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment plants.

With Zeomedia, you can save Capex and Opex costs.

Bridge Trading Company

Smart Water Treatment Technology agreed to agree with Bridge Trading Company to present Smart Water Technology Group in the local market.

We are also proud to trade Bridge products for our customers.

Join our supply chain partner

We welcome suppliers to post their products on our platform and have a long-term business relationship. 

Email us now to join our supply chain

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