Your Smart Choice For Smart Media Filtration

Save your capital and operational cost by switching to ZeoMedia Filtration

Media filter

Multimedia filters are an essential part of most water treatment plants.

Purpose to remove suspended solids and reduce the turbidity in water.

Conventional filtration uses Selica based media to lose thousands of dollars annually in water, energy, and maintenance costs.

Zeomedia is the right choice to get perfect water quality with lower capital and operational cost.

ZeoMedia Filtration

Capital cost saving

Higher particle retention and less filtration area

  • 60% less filter media required.
  • 10x more surface area.
  • Reduce and remove turbidity and SDI up to 70%.
  • Double flow capacity → Up to 30% less filtration area

Operational cost saving

Greater retention of solids, which results in lower

maintenance costs

Our Media provides an operational cycle up to 50% longer than multimedia filtration.

Up to 70% higher retention of solids.

Up to 30% less deterioration and fouling of the rest of your company’s elements and filter media.

With ZeoMedia Filtration, the Quality matter

Applications of ZeoMedia Filtration

Swimming pools
Waste Water
Industrial waste
Surface water
Reverse Osmosis

Capital cost saving With ZeoMedia

Build your filtration in a smaller area.

Buy smaller diameter filter housing.

Choose backwash pumps with a lower flow rate.

Use the same filter to treat higher flow.

Operational benefits With ZeoMedia

Increase production -Fewer backwash cycles.

Lower energy cost -lower backwash power.

Maintain the quality even with higher flow.

Outstanding filtration performance.

Order now ZeoMedia Filtration

Premium Zeolite
1 Square feet packages
NSF approved

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Zeomedia 12-20
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Learn More about ZeoMedia Filtration

Operational issues

Know about Zeomedia

Design and construction

Operation and maintenance

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