4-Kitchen appliance impacted with Hard water

Kitchen appliances are quite an investment, so you want to ensure that you are taking proper care of them. Unfortunately, hard water can cause some serious damage to your most commonly used appliances. Therefore, water treatment in Sanford is a significant household improvement that you need to consider. 

What kitchen appliances are most affected by hard water damage? Take a look at the top four ways your kitchen might be suffering due to hard water without your knowledge.


Have you noticed that your dishes aren’t coming out of the dishwasher sparkling and clean? If you need water treatment in Sanford, then you are probably experiencing spots and a cloudy finish to your “clean” dishes. Even if you attempt to wash your dishes by hand, these spots can be challenging to remove. 

This cloudiness isn’t the only problem associated with your dishwasher and hard water, though. It creates a buildup of minerals on the interior parts, such as the pipes and heating elements. Over time, this leads to more frequent breakdowns. 

Ice Machine

There’s nothing better than a cup of water with ice on a hot summer day. Unfortunately, your ice machine is extremely prone to damage that stems from hard water. To make ice, your machine must have a water source. Without a water softener in Sanford, FL, the quality of your ice is bound to be affected. It might have a cloudy appearance to it and have a different taste. These different tastes can be any one of the following:

  • Salty
  • Sulfuric
  • Metallic

You might not notice the flavor of the ice until it starts to melt in your beverage, leading to an unpleasant tasting experience. 

Water Dispenser

If your refrigerator comes with a built-in water dispenser, you might run into issues with it if you also have hard water. This is because the calcium and magnesium found in hard water will gradually build up in the water system and lead to a slower water flow. You might also notice a difference in the water quality, with some cups being cloudy or having a bad taste. 

Coffee Machines

Do you rely on your coffee machine to perk you up in the morning? You might be disappointed by the results if you don’t install a water softener. Much like your ice machine, a coffee pot relies on a water source to brew your favorite cup of java. 

As hard water circulates through the reservoir and begins to percolate, you might notice a buildup that slows down coffee production over time. As a result, you may have to replace your coffee pot more frequently. 

Not to mention, the taste of your coffee might suffer. If you have noticed a distinctly different taste to your coffee, it might be a sign that you need a water softener or that your water softener has run out of salt.  If you are experiencing any of the issues above with your kitchen appliances, it is time to install a water softener in Sanford. This strategy can help protect your expensive investment in your appliances. Not to mention, it can also help prevent buildup in your pipes that can affect water pressure in other parts of the home.