What Should I Do if the Water in My Tap Isn't Clear?

Homeowners should never settle for tap water that is cloudy or milky. If you turn on your faucets and discover anything that isn’t crystal clear, then you need to stop right there and consider the benefits of clean water services. Fortunately, cloudy tap water might not be harmful to your health, but it still warrants a quick study of water treatment products. Read on to learn what you should do the next time your tap water comes out dirty.

What Causes Dirty Tap Water?

If you notice cloudy water coming from all your faucets and have a public water source, then it’s likely caused by a pressurized municipal system. More often than not, dirty tap water is directly related to the amount of air contained within the water. Yes, even air can give the illusion of cloudy tap water. Most of the time, the cloudy effect will vanish after a few minutes once the water has settled. If cloudy water is only coming out of one faucet, then there is likely an issue with that fixture. If cloudy water never settles or if it precipitates at the bottom of a drinking glass, then you likely have dirt, silt, rust, or any other substance that entered the plumbing system and you should think of installing a water filter.

Is Hot Water Supposed to Be Cloudy?

Hot water has a greater tendency to take on a cloudy appearance for reasons that can be explained by science. Since it is made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, water bonds easily with minerals and other gases, trapping them in the water. When water is heated, its molecules expand and trap other gases that look like tiny air bubbles. That is why your tap water could look cloudy coming from your water heater. Once those air bubbles rise to the surface of the water and escape back into the air, then your water will likely look much clearer.

Heaters also may suffer from excess iron or hardness as it may lead to corrosion or scaling in the heater.

Is Tap Water Safe to Drink if it’s Not Clear?

If your cloudy tap water is caused by trapped air, then it is still safe to drink because it does not risk any ill health effects. That being said, it can still be abrasive to your pipes and stain your sinks. On the other hand, if your tap water is discolored as well as cloudy, then it could be dangerous to consume. Tap water can be brown, yellow, or even green depending on the type of contaminants it carries. Plus, hard water can cause buildup on your plumbing system, which decreases the life expectancy of appliances and dilutes the effectiveness of detergents. If you have any doubts about your tap water, it’s better to err on the side of caution and wait to drink it until after you’ve treated it with clean water services.

The best way to eliminate cloudy tap water is with water treatment products such as water softeners, water filtration, and more. Smart Water and Waste Treatment Technology is your go-to choice for clean water services that are guaranteed to prevent cloudy or dirty tap water. Call us today to learn more about specialized water treatment for your home.