Can i drink the tap water?

Drinking tap water in Orlando

Recently many people moved to Orlando Florida and You may be asking yourself,” How is the tap water in Orlando?” Or “Is it safe to drink tap water in Orlando?”

The simple answer to the question is the quality of water you receive in your home may vary due to several reasons. 

Due to the different organic and mineral residues which can vary from city to city, the tap water taste will vary greatly. There is a very specific after-taste to the Orlando tap water, but it is perfectly safe to drink as long as no contaminant enters the distribution system and your plumbing system is perfectly disinfected.


Taste and smell

Some customers may complain that the water smells “irony” or “smell excess chlorine.”

Orlando’s drinking water comes from the Lower Floridan Aquifer, located a quarter-mile underground. This deep aquifer is located underneath layers of sand and clay, underneath the Upper Floridan Aquifer, and limestone. The Orlando Utilities Commission operates seven water treatment plants, which draw up the water from the aquifer and treat it before sending it off to consumers.

To ensure that water is disinfected, chlorine is dosed into the water, which might not be favorable for many people.

If you have well water ,learn more about well water treatment

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