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Does your Orlando Water Smell Bad?

If you live in Orlando, you have probably experienced the rotten-egg smell in the water pumped from the Floridan Aquifer. This is a strong, pungent smell, which can be very unpleasant.

As much as it rains in Florida, the rainwater seeps through the wild and amble vegetation and leaves, picking up the organic residue naturally. After rain soaks into the aquifer, the organic compounds convert to sulfur. The sulfur is what gives the water its nasty smell compared to rotten eggs.

Not only does sulfur smell, but it also weakens chlorine, commonly used to disinfect utility water. So what can you do to cut down on the nasty odor of Orlando’s water?

What Can You Do? Test Your Water!

The first step when dealing with an odor problem with your water supply is to determine the source.

If a public water system is the primary source of your home’s water, and you have issues with smells with cold water, call us today.

If the source is from a well, a general mineral water analysis is paramount for selecting the right system to treat the problem.

The test should include analysis for pH, iron, manganese, hardness, total dissolved solids at a minimum. We also recommend testing for sulfate, hydrogen sulfide, and tannin. Take the sample as close to the well as possible. With these results, you can identify the best type of water treatment to use and what type of system to select, based on the chemistry of your water.

For the health and safety of your family, well water should be tested for total coliform and e-Coli (fecal coliform). In addition, if infants and children are drinking the water, a general mineral, metals, and a bacteriological test should take place. These tests are usually between $50-100 dollars and should be done once a year.

Install A Whole Water Softener System

Installing and using a water softener can help eliminate this bad smell. A water softener uses ion exchange technology to grab onto the mineral ions and remove them from the water to turn hard water into soft water. Learn More about Water Softeners.

There are also reverse osmosis and whole-house water filtration systems, among others, that can help treat bad smells in water and keep your water clean. Check out our Orlando Water Treatment services to make your water odorless, cleaner, and safer for your family.

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