Commercial Water Filter 34 GPM

Whole House Water Filter with Salt-Free conditioning – High Flow 34
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Commercial Water Filter with Salt-Free conditioning – High Flow 34


First, the Sediment Filter captures sand, rust, and silt that is commonly found in municipal water supplies.

The sediment filter can be installed in the pre or post position.


Next, the Carbon Tank intensely filters the water using a proprietary mixture of high-quality catalytic

carbon media. Its function is to reduce chlorine and chloramine tastes & odors.


Finally, the EnviroSoftTM Conditioner transforms scale-forming calcium and magnesium into harmless

crystals that won’t stick to pipes, fixtures or appliances; providing 99.6% scale prevention without

the use of chemicals or salt. Unlike traditional salt-based systems, the Enviro

Ultimate Combo wastes no water and does not discharge harmful salt brine into the environment.


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Service Flow


Working Pressure

Minimum 25 PSI

Maximum 80 PSI*

Operating Temperatures

36°F – 120°F

pH Range

7 – 11